In the media: Safe Schools Coalition BC’s refusal to meet with government hits Vancouver Sun

Last month, Safe Schools Coalition BC was asked to meet with representatives of the Government of BC to assist upon messaging related to the then-upcoming launch of 5-11 year-old COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Our group denied this request as we continue to advocate for a multi-layered approach that incorporates vaccines and a host of other interventions, such as rapid tests, timely and accurate notifications, ventilation improvements, and remote options.

Jennifer Heighton, co-founder of SSCBC, was interviewed about this decision by Lisa Cordasco of the Vancouver Sun. The article revealed that only two of the ten community groups the Ministry of Citizens' Services contacted had agreed to take part.

“If they had communicated the risks in schools and in children from the beginning, then there would be more parents willing to vaccinate their child,” Heighton is quoted. “We feel it is government’s responsibility and public health’s responsibility to be the experts on vaccines and vaccine safety. You wouldn’t even need an information campaign if parents understood the risks.”