Statement: BC misses COVID-19 exposure notification reintroduction deadline

Safe Schools Coalition BC hoped that the British Columbia Provincial Health Office, and Ministry of Health, would stick to their commitment of making COVID-19 exposure data in schools transparent and accessible by today, as was promised earlier in the week on Tuesday, September 21.

Unfortunately, no announcement or further information released today about the new process continues a trend from this government of not meeting the needs of BC residents to make informed decisions to mitigate risks in schools.

We remind the BC NDP government of their duty to inform the public about a potential risk to health and safety under Section 25(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, (FOIPPA) without request, and without delay.

Our coordinated efforts to mass-file access to information requests with the Ministry of Health continue in lieu of proof-positive that this ministry is taking its responsibilities with utmost seriousness to fulfill their obligations under FOIPPA.