Rally For Safe Schools 2.0 at Holland Park, Surrey

Safe Schools Coalition hosted a second Rally for Safe Schools over the weekend, this time at Holland Park, Surrey. It was attended by an estimated 150 people on-site and dozens more watched from around British Columbia on a Facebook Livestream.

If you were unable to attend the event, we have launched a YouTube page with the entire rally recorded for you to re-watch at your leisure. Below is an embedded video of the rally. If your browser doesn't handle embedded content well, you can also go directly to the video, as well as to the Safe Schools Coalition BC YouTube channel.

We have also established a TikTok page to try to further amplify our message for safer schools. Our first video was put together by the talented Tom Jackman, featuring the unscripted voice of Tom's wise-beyond-age seven-year-old child.


We want ##BC to mandate ##masks for all grades, including K-3.##Unvaccinatedkids get it. ##BritishColumbia 's leaders don't. #k#idsB4COVID #b#cpoli #b#cedu

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We continue to demand masking orders for children of all grade levels, including Kindergarten to Grade 3; CO2 monitoring along with air ventilation and filtration standards that meets a minimum of six air-changes per hour; and quality remote education options, especially for vulnerable families.

We are also deeply concerned about recent posts on Twitter from Salim Jiwa, independent journalist, alerting to the fact the contact tracing system is quietly being dismantled in British Columbia. Check out both of those links to Salim's posts. This is a major concern as a core component of limiting the spread of COVID-19 is to test, trace, and isolate.